Help!! Trying to do my first concept map!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am in my first year of RN school and today we got assigned our first concept map. The teacher literally took 5 minutes to discuss it and I am so lost!! I kinda have the main idea of what it's about but I am lost when it comes to laying it out. Basically what they want is a CM that has 5 NDx (nursing diagnoses) on it and then I have to extend out one of those 5 and go more in depth. Can anyone give me any advice or maybe somewhere to go?? Thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    here is a webpage that explains it quite nicely. - this is a nice explanation about what concept mapping is with an example of what one looks like and how it is put together.

    if you are still having problems with this either post another question or pm me. do you have a list of nursing diagnoses? pick five. this is not hard to do. it is just an alternative way of writing a care plan to help explain to you how the nursing process works.
  4. by   RN1263
    ugh, i just did two of those concept maps ours are different though (ours don't have nursing diagnosis on them. also, ours have to have medical diagnosis link to each other, s/s, diagnostics, complications, ect.)...the first was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE (12 hours easy), but i cut the time to 3 hours on the 2nd one, because i "figured it out" so to speak and was able to get much faster.