Help! Thematic unit in relation to Nursing!

  1. Hello fellow students,

    I am currently working on my minor in psych in addition to a BSN. And I am supposed to build a thematic unit in relation to the nursing profession. I am thinking that I will build it around a diabetic patient, or really patients. I have to include theory's from a handful of educational theorists ie Dewey, Howard gardener and a handful of others.

    Here is an overview of the requirement:

    You will develop lesson plans for the first five days of the Thematic Unit. If you so choose to do the entire unit, it will represent a resource that will be available for your future use.

    You may also choose a topic that "A Thematic Unit" applies, and you have taught in the past and want to improve for future use.

    The structure of the assignment must follow the format of the lesson plan listed in the resources section of the home page of this course.

    Considerations for "The Thematic Unit"

    Demonstrate understanding of the teaching for understanding by creating "A Thematic Unit" that teaches for understanding. Complete a minimum of
    five lesson plans for a "Thematic Unit" that you intend to teach your future students (you may make as many daily lessons plans as you need to reach The Thematic Unit's goals).

    The contents and methodology of the Thematic Unit must be based on integrating Howard Gardner's TMI with his Thematic approach for teaching for understanding.

    The lesson plans will include a commentary that will help demonstrate understanding of Gardner's approach and the incorporation of at least three other theorists studied during this course.

    I am not looking for an answer but rather a direction... I don't know how to start! It has to be geared toward our major.

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  3. by   kplp1111
    I was thinking of maybe something like a 5 day plan for diabetic education in an inpatient setting like LTC?

    In that case what is important for patients to know about their disease? Should I explain the disease process and then educate them of the treatments and lifestyle changes?

  4. by   nurseprnRN
    I don't mean to be thick, but I don't get from your description what a "thematic unit" is. Is this for teaching students/staffers, patients, lay people, who? Can you elaborate? Do your course materials explain its purpose and desired components?
  5. by   kplp1111
    Thank you for the comment. I figured out what to do. I essence it is a 10 day lesson plan. I have to include ideas from various educational theorists and Howard Gardeners ideas in multiple intelligence. These ideas have to be shown in the lesson plan. I decided to write a thematic unit around Diabetic education in a long term care center/rehab facility. It took me forever but I have finished it.