Help Quick! DKA nursing dx!

  1. I have a 15 yr old patient with DKA. For the life of me, I cannot figure out a nursing dx for her. My book lists a couple, but they refer mainly to new dx's of DM, which this is not. My care plan book has:

    Body temperature alteration, risk for related to decreased sensitivity of thermoreceptors.

    Fluid volume deficit related to active loss.

    Thought process alteration related to physiologic causes.


    Fluid volume is a good one since she also has dehydration, but am I wrong in thinking I need to be looking for something that deals with blood sugars?

    Please help! I think my brain is fried beyond belief and I can't think straight!
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  3. by   Tony35NYC
    Here are a few

    1. F&E imbalance r/t nausea/vomiting and osmotic diuresis
    2. Altered nutrition, less than body needs, r/t metabolic disease process
    3. Ineffective therapeutic regimen management, r/t improper management of Diabetes Mellitus
    4. Knowledge deficit, r/t complications of DM
    5. Risk for falls r/t to orthostatic hypotention
    6 Risk for injury r/t to diabetic neuropathy
    7. Ineffective tissue perfusion r/t reduced oxygenation
    8. Reduced cardiac output r/t to dyspnea
    9. Skin turgor, alterations in elasticity r/t fluid volume deficit
    10. Anxiety/Fear r/t progress of disease process