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    Iam am0nah from saudia arabia

    I hope helpe me

    about search
    ((Activity Intoleran))

    please helpe me
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    What do you mean by (search activity intolerance)? Exactly what type of information about activity intolerance do you need? I will be glad to help if I can but need to know more about what you are asking.
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    That link doesn't work.

    If you are needing help with careplans, try this site:
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    Hello, am0nah!

    The definition of the nursing diagnosis, Activity Intolerance, is "insufficient physiological or psychological energy to endure or complete required or desired daily activities." [Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions & Classification 2005-2006 published by NANDA International, page. 3]

    A patient who has activity intolerance would have these characteristics:
    • they would be telling you that they are weak
    • they would tell you that activity make them fell very, very tired
    • their pulse or blood pressure would get abnormally high or irregular with activity
    • an EKG would also show irregular heart rate or change in heart rhythms with any activity
    • shortness of breath with activity
    • the patient would look like they are having discomfort when moving
    The causes of this are usually
    • being on bed rest
    • immobility
    • a lifestyle where the patient just doesn't move around much
    • overall weakness
    • an imbalance between oxygen supply and demand