HELP..i don't know what to do!

  1. It's a long story, but i will try to make it short...i recently put a transfer to another sister hospital that will be opening soon, but the thing is i have not mentioned it to my manager. I mean she will find out sooner or later, but i have a feeling that she will take it the wrong way...i don't know if i should bring it up to her attention about my decision now or just have her find out on her own? The reason why i said she might take it the wrong way is because i have been on her sh*t list lately. I don't get along with the morning charge rn who happens to be very tight with the manager and everytime i butt-heads with the charge rn, i seem to be the one who is "the bad one'. I can't stand it anymore..but at the same time i don't want to "burn the bridge" so to speak because it seems like all the managers in all the hospital in town know one another and i have a feeling it will haunt me when i try to apply at other facilities...yes, my manager is two-faced and she will say and do stuff to get even ...what should i do????? HHHHHEEEELLP!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I'm curious as to why you are posting this on a nursing student forum? I doubt that you will get many replies.

    Your manager is going to find out one way or another that you put a transfer in if she doesn't already know. I was a manager and, believe me, we knew when a transfer was put in. The first call usually came to us, "did you know your employee so-and-so just put in for a transfer?" If the worry over how your manager is going to find out about your transfer is keeping you awake at night than I think you ought to muster up some courage and just tell her what's going on. The worst she could do is try to prevent your transfer. However, if she is as miffed at you as you seem to think, it's in her best interest to see you go, don't you think? Why would she want to hold you there? That would be insane on her part.

    Honestly, when I was a manager, and I had an employee who was a pain in the neck, I was happy as all get out if they filed for a transfer. I did my best to market their good points to the other nurse managers. Unless you've made a bad reputation for yourself, all by yourself, I doubt very much that your manager is going to have much to say about where you get your next job. No manager, no director of nursing, I've ever known has that much power and influence. They're employees just like everyone else, and at middle level to boot, not even at the executive level in most places.