HELP! How to become a L&D Nurse

  1. Hi all, I'm a 26 year old professional who holds a bachelor's degree in business management, has a great job and yet I couldn't be more miserable. I have recently decided to follow my dreams of becoming a labor and delivery nurse but I need some help/advise on where to begin.

    I know that I need to become an RN first before becoming a L&D nurse but I'm not sure what program to take. Should I go to a four year or two year program? And if I take a two year course will I be at a disadvantage when it comes to looking for a job or progressing in the field? Also, can any of my business degree courses be applied to the RN program?

    I feel so lost right now and have sooo many questions. Can anyone help?
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  3. by   prudence09
    So glad you decided to become a nurse. Let me start by saying that I am not a L&D nurse but also want to be one. I have my 2 year degree in nursing but haven't taken boards yet. I am working on Med-Peds floor and am very happy to be working on that floor. I don't know much of the deference between a 2 year degree and a 4 year degree. I am working with someone who just graduated with a 4 year degree and from our discussion we basically have the same training and will be getting the dame pay. Now, about being a L&d nurse. From all of my searching the positions are really hard to come by because these departments have a very low turn over rate which means they rarely leave their jobs. You can always find ways to get yourself in the door like I have by working peds. I can work on this floor get a couple of years of experience and then move on to what I really want to do. I have been told by many of the experienced nurses that I have made the right choice because by doing what I have done I will be able to work about any floor. It's really all about experience but that's not to say new grads can't get hired on L&D floors. I hope this was of some help.
  4. by   r0b0tafflicti0n
    Have you looked into becoming a doula in the meantime? That might help?
  5. by   yelnikmcwawa
    Almost every state has schools with accelerated bachelor degrees in nursing, for 2nd degree students. You would need to take your pre-requisites and then depending on what school you get accepted to, the BSN program would be anywhere from 12 to 24 months (average is 18 months). So, you really would not need to go to school for another 4 years to get your BSN. Start by looking at the boards of nursing in each state you wouldn't mind going to school in, and then look at each individual school's nursing webpage. Good luck!