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  1. I just finished my OB/Peds semester on the 2nd. I get a week break I start my Advanced Med/Surg semester. The instructor told us to come running because it is very intense. She does not give handouts or let us record her lectures. The class that just finished her semester only 50% passed. I am VERY nervous as of course I want to pass. It is very heavy in Patho so I was wondering if anyone has any study hints or tips for me. I know I have to read which we have Med/Surg Nsg by Ignatavicius/workman if anyone uses that series. For some reason I have a very difficult time remembering what I read even after a short paragraph. I was thinking of buying a book that was a supplement such as Saunders Nursing survival guide to Patho, or Patho notecards by Mosby just so I can have more simple terms for me. This is not my only class we do have Psych, and Leadership as well but this is the only one I worry. If you have any suggestions, study guides or tips or anything that helped you pass your class I would love to hear.

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Conrad283
    Someone in another thread suggested to read in advance. That will help you to know what the teacher is talking about and it will help you take better notes.

    You can also secretly record the teacher ...