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Hi guys, so I did not pass the first ATI comprehensive predictor exam Form B, I got 74% and 75.3% is required, and I am really nervous because we have one more chance to take it again to graduate. We... Read More

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    Hey, i took both test. i didnt pass form B.. got a 58.7% which is like 75% change of passing the Nclex. but I just took form A yesterday. alot of the questions for the first test cam up and some of the questions for PN Comprehensive for A practice came exactly! Wish me luck! But i wonder how muh people paid for the test. we get only the PN comprehensice practice test A and B when we were taking A but when we were taking B we got no practice at all. we had to pay $250 for the fist test and $350 for the second. idk why we had to pay for the first exit test.. and it seems like alot of people are getting more review then we are so i'm wondering hm they have to pay. Umm i can help people that are taking for A soon.. think i remember was Diabetes type 2, denture care know the your suppose to pull the dentures straight out... umm the was one on low potassium and its side effects.. which i think is confusion. i cant really remember alot.. i was psyched out on the test.. but i wish good luck to everyone that is going to take it.. does anyone know what test is after form A id you dont pass it?? we get three tries to take it. ooo and on question that came on B that was on A the PKU diet. These test are really hard it was only the easy ones i remember lol.
    Cmarce, do you have any additional information, questions you can remember that are on form A? I am in the same boat you are in, my school requires a 97% and I got a 94% on form B so I have to take form A in the next month. Any additional info you may have that could help me out would be fantastic. I am really freaking out about not passing it and just trying to collect as much info on the test as possible. Anything would help, thanks!
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    Hi Dmansmith or ANYONE ELSE,
    I have to take the comprehensive predictor form A b/c like your situation, I did not pass the form B but was pretty close. Do you Dmansmith, or anyone have anything helpful like topics to review?? I am totally stressing . I would really appreciate it, please help!

    Hi, can you email me at
    I wanted to ask you some questions regarding the ATI Comprehensive predictor. I also did not pass the first time. Thanks