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Hi guys, so I did not pass the first ATI comprehensive predictor exam Form B, I got 74% and 75.3% is required, and I am really nervous because we have one more chance to take it again to graduate. We... Read More

  1. by   KAYBDT6
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    Hey I am going to take the form b Predictor test on Monday and its crucial that I pass or i have to repeat another semester. Is there any way you can give me some pointers on whats going to be on it? Just curious any help would be amazing thank you so much


    I sent you stuff, you can check your my reply on piggvomit.
  2. by   melissaplexy
    Honestly what I said above, "I suggest reviewing test taking strategies, timing yourself with an NCLEX book, and trying to remain calm during the test. That's my strategy." I knew the material. They pick simple stuff. It's the format of the questions that you need to practice that will help. I didn't need to study the ATI book didn't help me. I practiced with NCLEX books, doing questions for hours, and I reviewed test taking strategies ( the general looking for the stem, aware of the type of an assessment question needs an assessment answer, watch out for negative polarity, ID key words and concepts and remember to apply Maslow and the ABC's of life support for priority questions, you should also know what tasks you can delegate and to whom. There are always 2 great answers but only one right one. If you don't have a test strategy book, go online for info or get to the book store and buy one. The same for the NCLEX one. I used Mosby's even on the day of the test to get into the test thinking mode before the test for about 20 mins. If you have this CD, go to Med Surg and the boxes for "phases of the nursing process, critical thinking, and client needs" appear. I found doing these prepared me the same type of questions that appeared on the exam. As for remembering what was on the was all basic stuff. None of the questions were difficult knowledge wise, it was knowing how to answer the type of question that made me excel. I have to take an ATI for EVERY nursing class I have and if I fail the test, I fail the class and have to retake the clinical and class, trust me, I HAD to figure this out or transfer to another college! With what I did, I feel confident that I will do well on my future ATI exams. You can do this! If you know the material, put down that ATI book and study with questions. That ATI book will not help you pass. The test is basic knowledge and test technique. I failed the first test with a level one and below 50 score nationwide the first time.....I did not study that ATI book anymore, only test techniques and passed at the highest level the second time. So, I knew the material......I didn't know how to take the test. Good Luck! Practice and you will be well. Let me know how you do.
  3. by   GreenJayde
    I can honestly say that the best way to pass the ATI is to review their online practice exams. I did not pass the first time because I only did a few of the practice exams but the second time, I passed because I took every online ATI practice test we had access to and I made sure I understood the rationales. I also used my results from my first ATI test to carefully review the topics it listed as my weaknesses. My list of weaknesses were overwhelming to look up and study but I tackled it one step at a time. The ATI books don't go into a lot of detail BUT its the only book you need to study from because the questions come right from the book. Pay particular attention to the highlighted words or sentences. Don't waste your time studying from other NCLEX books. If you are taking the ATI test, study from the ATI books.

    The first time, I took comprehensive test A....second time was test B. In my opinion test B's questions were simpler to understand. Or maybe becuase I studied more the second time. Also, I made sure the day before my exam, I did not take anymore online tests. I just reviewed a few of the topics and got a good nights rest. Anyway, I am so happy and thankful that I passed. Not passing the first time breaks down your morale but what can you do but just get up and try again.
  4. by   rnneedy09
    any help with ati predictor form a is greatly appreciated
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    im taking form B!!! can u send me any notes that you have..or the topics that u missed when u took it?!! pls help me out!
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  6. by   rnneedy09
    I don't take the test until next week, but I don't know whether it is form a or b. Have u already taken form a? if so send me over ur topics just post them directly on the forum. I get b I will do the same. I just don't believe in doing all this stressing your graduation semester. All this so schools can protect there NCLEX pass rates.
  7. by   IwearScrubs
    Hi Dmansmith or ANYONE ELSE,
    I have to take the comprehensive predictor form A b/c like your situation, I did not pass the form B but was pretty close. Do you Dmansmith, or anyone have anything helpful like topics to review?? I am totally stressing . I would really appreciate it, please help!
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  8. by   miss3lain3
    Hi everyone.. I'll be taking the Predictor form A in January.. If anyone out there has any useful info, or is willing to share their topics to review please let me know.. All help is graetly appreciated. This is my last chance to take and pass the test and it is crucial... Thank you =)
  9. by   banan1n1a
    hey guys! does any happen to have the pn comprehensive form b??? i would appreciate it for review =)
  10. by   candy27
    Can you guys help me with ati in 2 weeks i have to take it i failed the first time i would love to pass this time if you have form a and b pn send it to me please.
  11. by   kerly130
    i need help please because i took the ati comprehensive predictor form B and i failed but in two weeks i will have to take form A can anyone help with a review based on their result.
  12. by   kerly130
    Quote from natalieonaje
    I took both "A" and "B" and found B was easier than A. If your school opens up the topics to review section, I would study from that because the concepts covered stayed the same.

    can you please help me with ati comprehensive predictor form A. i am stress out.
  13. by   johnsmith1
    Quote from dmansmith10
    Hi guys, so I did not pass the first ATI comprehensive predictor exam Form B, I got 74% and 75.3% is required, and I am really nervous because we have one more chance to take it again to graduate. We will be taking Form A this time. Has anyone had the same experience or knows anyone? pppllleeassseee helllppp me!!! should i just practice questions over and over? is the second test similar to the first?
    I need help with the ati predictor or any other ati exam...please