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  1. Hey everyone...I'm new on here and judging by the last week and a half I won't be on here too much I am a new nursing student going to be an LPN...I have 3 small children...1 car and a husband who drives a truck...which means crazy hours!!! far it's not bee all that bad but it is a little tense...especially when you get to school...after you've made your 3 stops to unload people...and all you have to hear all day is people complaining and talking and being disrespectful to the instructors...I mean really..I'm paying alot of money to be there...and running ragged every morning just to get if they don't want to learn then really what are they doing there?? I just get frustrated b/c I went into this expecting to be with ADULTS....other people like me who didn't get off to the right start maybe or had other life issues and wanted to take this opportunity to better themselves...and about 1/3 of the class is seriously people who can't even make it through a lecture w/o some kind of outburst....well then why...really...did they even sign up...i'm sure there's alot of people who got turned away b/c there was no more room...and then we have this...I'm sorry I know I'm's just frustrating and I really want to succeed... I haven't accomplished taht much yet and I really need this...just to know I can do it and I can continue...thank you for listening
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you in school.

    You sound very frustrated and stressed. You're going to have to put what other people are doing out of your head and concentrate on your own stuff.

    I'm moving your post from Introductions to the Student Forum, where I'm sure others can relate.

    Whiners and complainers bring me down too. Nursing school is tough and demanding and not for the faint of heart, they need to just deal with it. However, all that stuff should have not bearing on your success because that's their stuff, don't own it.