Have you been to a CT clinical?

  1. For my first clinical this semster I have to go to CT at my local hospital, I am taking Med surg and I am not sure what to expect I haven't had a chance to talk to my instructor yet. Can you tell me about your experience?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    are you meaning ct as in computed tomography, in the radiology department? if so, you're going to watch ct scans being done. do you have a reference book that explains what happens with ct scans? if not, ask the technicians there for any pre-printed instructions or access to their radiology manual that gives the preparation instructions for some of the ct scans that are done. in some cases the patient has to drink a contrast solution prior to going to ct scan and remain npo or on clear liquids for a certain period of time before the scan. this will all be spelled out in their manual. in other cases the radiation tech will inject a contrast dye intravenously. go online and search in the various patient information sites (medline plus, vanderbilt.edu, web md, health a to z) and look up any instructions they have on ct for the patient. this is probably going to be the kind of information your instructor is going to want to see you bringing back from this assignment. when you are an rn or charge nurse it is going to be your responsibility to make sure patients in your charge who are going to ct scans are properly prepped for tests and consents signed. also, for teaching purposes you will want to observe a ct or two so you can tell your patients what they can expect when they go down to the ct room.