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This past fall, a good friend of my came through a nursing program to where the students in their last level of the ADN program had issues/complaints with the two new instructors who never and I do... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    Why would there be a time frame for preparing for finals? Don't you have the entire semester to prepare?

    IMHO, it seems like there is an awful lot of blaming and pointing fingers. I don't think she would get anywhere with this. I also think she should just transfer somewhere else before she gets a bad reputation...as it will follow her into the hospitals.

    We are all responsible for ourselves. If she didn't do the work, she didn't deserve to pass. No one knows if this guy made it up, but you can't make accusations about it without knowing. And the instructor is a beast because she laid down the law? No, she was a new instructor covering her own heinie... I think I would feel relief if someone pulled me out of the paperwork and let me go back to the test.

    I also think there is more to the story, but we will never know.

  2. by   TruthSeeker
    rogdog: You said, "What goes around, comes around," from speaking to my friend, these instructors have said that to them several times in class and truly do believe that. But I reckon they think that they are immune.

    rncountry: Believe me, between my friend, others, and myself [who do believe that she does have a case], we are still looking and praying to find an attorney.

    Yes they do have specific guidelines for clinicals and from what my friend has said, not only to me, but also to Head Instructor of the level, plus the other three instructors of the level, the vice president of the college and the reps that she has contacted: "The making up for the missed [HURRICANE] make-up clinical day I have and had no problems with doing it and I totally do agree with the nursing departments policy when it comes to making up for a missed clinical day. What I disagree with is:

    1. How it was emphasized to me not just on one occasion, but several times, that making up for a missed [HURRICANE] make-up clinical day is more important then studying and preparing for a final exam that can and will pass or fail you.

    2. How this fellow classmate who also missed the same [HURRICANE] make-up clinical day was never made to make it up.

    3. I was given orders by the [vice president] of the college, who said, "She has to [finish] this paperwork before she is allow to take her final exam." At 1:00 pm, the [head instructor] of the level tells me to stop to take my final. So who is in charge?

    My friend will contact her reps tomorrow to get an update.

    BadBird: My friend and I have talked about that. In fact a lady from one of the local news paper did take her story as well as other fellow classmates. But the lady told her that she could not investigate or print her story unless one of her fellow classmates will tell her that it is ok to print their story as well. Yes she even thought about going to a local tv news station to see if they would do her story on tv. But she said that she is afraid because she does not want it to come back to haunt her as well as a lawsuit from the college---seeing how they are [so far] getting away with what they have done to her.

    sjoe: She hasn't thought of that; calling the local BAR Association. I will let her know. It is not money that she wants, just her degree. Because she knows that she would have gotten it. Thanks for the info.

    RN2B2005: Yes, she has and I do know the guy that did not have to makeup this missed [HURRICANE] make-up clinical day. He is well known by the head instructor as well as with the hospital that they did their clinical rotation at. In fact this guy worked as a tech in the OR.

    What you have said, I have brought that to my friend's attention and like she told me, "If they hadn't emphasized to me that making up for a missed [HURRICANE] make-up clinical day was more important then studying for a final exam that they know and I knew could have passed me. And making sure that this guy was making up this same clinical rotation, by all means I would not be doing what I am doing. I would have took failing graciously and quitely. But it's the way they did me is why I am seeking help."

    Something else she brought to my attention was this, "Put yourself in my place, in my shoes. Walk that mile with me if you can. But since you cannot, then either be more understanding and encouraging or stay out of it and keep your opinions to yourself."

    But of course, in all of us we are very supicious people and we do question the hell out of things when someone is in pain or hurting. And we like to tell others how to live, what to do and how to do instead of believing and encouraging.

    KP RN: My friend contacted the reps because no one who was in charge [head instructor, chairperson, vice-president], would listen to the students. But because she was the one who contacted them is why the college did what they did.

    Hoolahan: Please read what I wrote to rncountry about how my friend feels about making up clinical rotations that she missed. Thanks.

    She knows that the two new instructors go their jobs because of the comments that were made by them to her and others.

    No, she knows of this website, but doesn't post anything. Because like she has tried to get me to see,

    "No one will understand what I am going through or what I have gone through and believe me they will take what I have said [if I did post anything] and twist it. They will make me look and sound like the bad guy because they haven't walked a mile in my shoes. Also that is human nature [with today's society], instead of lifting, understanding, and encouraging anyone, we have a tendency to cut down, to be over opinionated, and to kick each other down more when we are already down. Also, they were not there."

    fergus51: That's just it -- my friend did have a medical excuse for missing the make up [HURRICANE] makeup clinical day. Where as her fellow classmate, he did not.

    Also on the day that she had to leave at 1:00 pm and when she is in college, she always does have it fixed to where any of her kids needs her to pick them up, their daddy does that. But on this day, he was in another state and she was closer and there was noone else. Why things like this happens, only God knows.

    emily_mom: before the final exam---they were in class for 26 days. That's how fast the last level of the program goes, because they have preceptorship, which means they have 88 to 96 hours they have to get in before a certain time.

    Let me just say, on the behalf of my friend who begged me not to post her story because she said,

    "Too many people will read it and will twist it, will be too opinionated, too harsh, and too cold. They will be too skeptical, too questionable and will not take what she will say to be the truth. They will read in between the lines and will add what they want to instead of being supportative, encouraging, or helpful. They will kick me down more when I am already down as low as I can go. That is why I do not post on sites like the ones you have suggested or that you do. It is our human nature to be the way that we are, too bold, too cold, to harsh, non-caring [when it comes to certain things], skeptical, and questionable to anything and everything. Trust is hard to find or to get out of people because of the way society is."

    But like I told my friend who says this, that is where one person can make a difference, who does believe, trust, and pray.

    So thank you to all that have commented. And yes I will let my friend read what you have posted. God Bless.
  3. by   fergus51
    Truthseeker, I still don't understand. If she knew this was a requirement before writing the exam and she knew she left the clinical day early, couldn't she have done that paperwork before the exam day? Why go into an exam knowing that she isn't allowed to write it? And did she fail the test or pass it? I don't understand if her failing was because she failed that test in particular or the previous exams they recalculated.