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can someone help me, I'm currently enrolled in a grad entry program, and in short I hate everything about it. I can't stand the lack of organization in the program, subjective grading, and that in... Read More

  1. by   beginning
    Well, I got to my last semester in an associate program in the Fall of 07 and I flunked. I feel that it was due to the limitations that nurses have. Until then, I was not aware of it. I like assisting clients in and off the hospital scene and every time I looked up it was the conversation of losing licensure if you did such and such. Just like this summer I went to visit a good friend and I was proud of my ability to help her with a disorder until her appt came up with her doctor. I was told by a nurse of 20 plus years no to do that when I get my license.

    I know that was for good but I don't want to feel that if I am a nurse that I have to be afraid. I actually started fearing what I was going to bring into my life. To top it off, I went to clinical with the CI from you know where. I flunked clinical and that was something I have never done. She was down right menace and taunted me the whole time. I missed an e-mail from her and made an error during the day and she screamed at me like I was a nobody and told these horrid lies on my evaluation. However, being away from clinicals and work -- just chilling-- I have came to a conclusion that I will challenge for my LPN license and that will help me to determine whether this is for me or not.

    It is so, so sad that instructors like these, who doesn't take into account what they are doing to help you to flunk. I honestly, honestly feel that if I had another instructor I could have passed and graduated last semester. She watched me from the beginning of 5 weeks making errors and never came down on me until the end. I feel in my heart that if you have 8 students that's small enough of a clinical class to call a person to the side and communicate as soon as possible and know a little of their background.

    Yes, this hurts me and I am 48 but I have made up in my mind that I will gain more than what I lost. Instead of just being a staff nurse, I will go beyond. I believe this problem/situation arrived because I would need this experience later in order to do my job more successfully. This has hit me so hard that it makes me want to go further and eventually teach even if I don't for five years. That's enough of teaching nursing the right way to repay what was stripped from me --- dignity. A nursing instructor should never, ever tell a student that they don't know what they're doing or scream at them because they are humans. Professional nurses make mistakes; why are students so mistreated.

    The way you and I feel is the likelihood of the nursing shortage.

    Pray that you will feel better and not be so aggravated. Pray that God direct your path.

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  2. by   Higgs747
    Just an update, I am now in my third year of medical school, I love it, but am really busy. Best decision I ever made.

    As a side, and completely irrelevant note I just got my board scores (step 1-249) 92% percentile!
  3. by   healthstar
    I wish my nursing school assignments were like the once you have, it would be so so much easier for me.