Has anyone taken the Arnett CAT test?

  1. We just had Arnett at our school and did the a practice version of the NLCEX. I was wondering if anyone alse had them come to their school?

    I got a 0.83, I was really happy to be so far above passing, but does anyone know how close to the real thing this test is? it just seemed really easy and I don't want to be suprised by the NCLEX being 50 times harder or something.



    14 days to graduation!!! :chuckle :chuckle
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  3. by   kathygalpn
    I havent heard of that but every quarter we take a practice nclex test for a grade.Congrats for doing so well & congrats for only 14 days till graduation !!!!!!!
  4. by   Yellow Rose RN
    We have the HESSI which is mandatory at our college to take after the 2nd semester and then again after the 4th semester. It was basically told to us that it is very much like the NCLEX. I made a 99% on the first try. I am hoping that what they said about it being so similar is true. Good luck

  5. by   Cindy_A
    When I was in school, we took the Arnett test and I thought it was stupid! I thought it was absolutely no help at all. But, this was 2 years ago so maybe it has changed. Sorry to be so negative, but that was my impression. If you did that well on the Arnett, I'm sure you'll do fine on the NCLEX. Good Luck!