Has anybody taken clep for dev psych or nutrition?

  1. I am contemplating on taking an online course, classroom instruction or clep for dev psych, but i cant seem to decide!. not too crazy about going back to classroom instruction again because id like to take some time off from seeing another classroom again, at least for 1 semester! i do need to make good grades for these courses to bring up my GPA. which type of instruction do you think will increase my chances of getting a better grade? and how do you obtain a grade from a clep exam? do they give you letter grades for clep also?
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  3. by   JudithL_in_NH
    I've CLEPd Intro Psych, G&D, and freshman comp.

    For G&D, know your theorists well, especially Erikson. You can find an outline of the exam content and sample questions at the CLEP site (there may be a minimal fee). I took a G&D book out of the college lib, studied against the outline for two weeks, and found the CLEP not at all challenging.

    At my institution, you receive only credit for the CLEP, no letter grade--much as if you had transferred in the credit from another institution, it does not affect your QPR.

    You actually do get a number grade on the CLEP, but I don't believe it corresponds to a percentage scale/100. I know to receive credit at my school, your "grade" on the CLEP only had to be a 50, and I think I received something like a 77, but that wasn't /100%.

    These courses were available online at my institution as well (maybe at yours?), but I didn't want to spend the time or money to take them when I felt I could CLEP the knowledge without too much trouble. Had I taken them online, they would have counted for credit and my grades would have counted in my QPR.

    Best of luck in making a choice!