Has anybody had to do this? Loans

  1. I am presently trying to get into my local CC's nursing program. I have been rejected 2X already. I am thinking that I may never get in. There are a couple of universities that offer the BSN. The thing is I would have to take out a loan to attend (20-25 grand a year). All program are during the day so I could not work which means that I would need to take out another loan to cover my living expenses. I do not qualify for federal loans anymore so I would have to go privately.

    Has anybody taken out 2 loans from 2 different companies each year to cover expenses?

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  3. by   arciedee
    Have you spoken with the financial aid office at the schools you are interested in? They may have need-based scholarships and grant money that would lower the amount that you would need to take out in private loans. If you were eligible for federal loans I would say, no question, go for it, but if you're relying solely on private loans I'd be a bit wary. But definitely talk to the financial aid offices.

    Also, even though these are day programs you may be able to work part-time or per diem as a CNA or nurse extern. A friend of mine waitressed for the first couple semesters, then was eligible to be hired by the local hospital as an extern which helped offset her expenses and got her in the door for a job after graduation.
  4. by   suespets
    is it possible to get a fed loan for living expenses,as i'd love to not have to worry about conflict in class times & work schedule,hopeing to be able to switch w/ other lpns,etc.my hub is employed.
  5. by   MB37
    Another plus to working as a CNA/PCT/extern/whatever in a hospital, is that besides enabling you to work weird hours, you might be able to fine an employer who offers at least partial tuition reimbursement. Are those univerisities public? Wow! There are a few good things about living in FL! (tuition is <2000/semester at all state universities, full time)