Half Semester Courses/ intership!

  1. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the half semester courses?
    At my NS all of the nursing courses are half semester besides 3 classs. These three classes are Adult Health 2, Adult health 2 clinicals, and Nursing Management. All of the pre-reqs are full semester courses. Also I live in Memphis,TN.

    This is the courses that are half semester in the 1st semester.

    courses Credit Hours

    Adult health 1 3

    Adult health 1 clinical 2

    Nursing of the Childbearing Family 3

    Nursing of the Childbearing Family Clinical 2

    So would these all be a 2.5 month class and then after the first is completed you would go on to the next? Also our clinicals are only one day a week and some are on sundays. Is this common? Another thing is that after the 1st semester we can become Nurse techs thru a internship in my city. How is that usually scheduled in your city? And how many days do you usually do your intern while going to school? Here as a intern at most of the hospitals they start you off at a base pay of 16.50/hr. The lowest base pay at a good hospital as far as patient ratio is 12/hr 1st level second level is 16/hr but this is with a contract. The good thing is that they give you a 200.00 uniform allowance:spin:. Just curious to know how other schools are and internships.
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  3. by   willdgate
    I grad. from the U of M, must be something new, where are they doing this at?
  4. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Yes I know that a semester is 4-5 months. At my insitution though the courses listed above is considered half semester courses. I was wondering how does this work out. Would you register for Adult Health 1 and Adult health clinical together since it is of the same class or what? And how long do these courses last? It would seem if they are half semester courses I would be in Adult Health 1 and Nursing of the Child bearing family at the same time. I'm really confussed on how it works out. I know I can call the school just wondering if anyone knew. Or if anyone also had half semester courses at their school. By the way I go to Southwest Tennesee Community College in Memphis,TN.