Had to drop pharmacology

  1. Hello everyone, my first semester of nursing school is over. I'm still feeling a little down because I had to drop pharmacology but I did pass nursing process 201. Instead of me having 4 more semesters I have 5 which means I am a semester behind my original class. Did anyone else have this happen to them? I know nursing school is not a race but it would of been nice just to go straight through w/o having to drop.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Better to drop and take it when you have a lighter load of nursing courses than to not pass.

    I get you are behind your original class, but you need to do what you can handle and be successful in passing.

    At the college level, there will be students who choose to not continue, to transfer to an alternate program, to transfer to an alternate school....lots of things. So you may find that your original class won't really be intact until your 4 years are up.

    Another thought is that can you take pharmacology online this summer? I would ask if that is an option.

    Best wishes, and good for you to realize your limits on school work load! It is a good sense to have.
  4. by   dannygurl84
    You are right, things also happen for a reason. No I can't take it in the summer I wish I can. My school have no nursing classes in the summer, only in the spring and fall semesters.