H&P/Drug Screen B4 Starting School - page 2

I'll be starting school in the Fall of 2007 and we have to have an H&P, drug screen, titers, and Hep B vaccinations prior to starting. I have ADD and take Ritalin...you KNOW that's going to trigger a... Read More

  1. by   AsNMySoCalledLife
    It should be ok... I take Adderall. At the start of clinicals, we had to fill out a form listing EVERY MEDICATION we took, and before 1st level was over, we had a drug test. They (instructors) told us as long as meds were listed, it was ok.

    Good luck to ya!
  2. by   mom of twins
    I work in Occupational Medicine, and do 100's of drug screens a day. You should not be asked to list your meds before taking a drug screen, nor will the collector want to know what you have taken. You should be told to list all meds you are taking on the back of YOUR copy of the screening so if the MRO (medical review officer) contacts you, you will know what you have taken--if you have taken multiple meds. If you do test positive, you will be contacted by the MRO and as said in a previous post, they will verify what meds you are taking and obtain proof of the rx. Do not take your bottle with you. You should be contacted withing 24 hours if there is a question. Hope this helps.
  3. by   AsNMySoCalledLife
    My apologies. I should have been more specific. The forms I filled out were for the school, not the testing lab, and the results went directly to the school. That's what I meant. Sorry for the confusion!