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  1. Just wanted to see how school was going? Are you excited about this fall or what? Haven't seen ya on in a while.

    Just wanted to say Hi

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  3. by   GraceyB
    Hello!!! CNA classes start next Monday. Can't wait! Still super excited!
    I also have an open house to attend at the community college that I graduated from to see if I can be reactivated and accepted into the Nurses Program. As I looked at their classes, I should be in the program for 6 semesters - including prerequisites. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed and can be a one to three semester wait.

    I hope I get accpeted since I have somewhat of a senoirity. LOL

    How are things with you? Let me know!
  4. by   justjenn
    Hi ya - Just read the post on laptops & note-taking. My hubby bought me a pocketpc for Xmas & the keyboard for my B-day. But, I was informed today that I cannot use it during class

    GUESS WHAT! I just took my last math test yesterday & got 100 on it. I am not exempt from the final exam & got an A in MATH OMG! I have failed math my WHOLE LIFE.

    Also, got my fall class schedule LOOKIE..

    Mini Semester 8/18 to 10/10
    Mon. 9:45 to 12:25 Funtamentals of Nursing Lec/Lab
    1:30 to 4:15 Funtamentals of Nursing Lab
    Tue. 1:30 to 3:30 Clinical Computations
    Wed. 9:45 to 12:25 Funtamentals of Nursing Lec.
    1:30 to 4:15 Funtamentals of Nursing Lab.
    Thur. 9:45 to 11:45 Clinical Computations
    Frid. 8:15 to 12:30 Funtamentals of Nursing Lab

    2nd Mini Semester 10/15 to 12/10
    Mon. 9:45 to 12:30 Med/Surg.
    Tues. 1:30 to 3:30 Special Topics in PNR
    Wed 6:45 to 12:30 Med/Surg.
    Thur. 1:30 to 3:30 Special Topics in PNR
    Friday 6:45 to 12:30 Med/Surg.

    WOW - I start Anat. & Phis. on May 22
    What about you? Any word?
  5. by   GraceyB
    You are just taking off. You should be so proud of yourself. I am sure you will do great! I can't wait until I am in. I have three schools that I have in mind. One of them has an LPN program but I am still undecided on which program to go for.

    I thought of taping in class also. The reinforcement helps so much. In case I can't use my laptopn in class, I thought that I would type up my notes for the reinforcement. I heard somewhere that when you see the material three times that you 'get it'. I wonder if that is true for the nursing classes too. LOL