Gpc- How R They Now???

  1. Good Evening Everyone,
    I attend GPC, finishing my pre-req's. I applied to the nursing program for FALL 08, aft taking the NET twice. The first time I did not pass the reading portion, but the second time I passed it with a 61. Aft applying to GPC's nursing program, I rec'd a letter saying that I don't meet the admissions requirements for admission because "Passing score of 57 on the Reading Comprehension Section of the NET." I was going to call to get some clarification because I did pass with a "61" but aft reading all of the comments re: their nursing program, I don't know what to do. I have had diff nurses of diff backgrounds(doc appts, etc.) tell me similar horror stories abt the program before I even applied. I applied anyway because it is close to my home and my kids schools. Could someone PLEASE update me regarding the practices at the school now. The other msgs are outdated. Maybe I should leave well enough alone and consider myself lucky, just apply at other schools...PLEASE HELP!
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  3. by   Spazzpup
    I'm at GPC now. I didn't hear any horror stories before I applied. I don't know if it would have made me want to look somewhere else. But anyways, I'm here.

    Fundamentals wasn't really an issue. I think we lost 10 out of our class (at our campus) of about 80.

    This semester with our first test, out of 70 students maybe 10 passed. Second test a little more passed. Third test, still more. But wayyyyyy below what is expected. Our class is not going on for this summer, they are combining our class with the present fundamental class. So double the students in one class. I heard it was to make the graduation numbers look higher. But I also heard that they are freaking out because not as many students failed out of Fundamentals last semester so they're trying to cut our class down at all costs.

    Let me tell you one thing. It is hard to get in to GPC. It is very hard. The students that do get in are very intelligent, hard working, and have completely put their lives on hold. COMPLETELY. If you look at the truth in advertising statement you have to sign with your application you will see less than 50% make it through. That's pretty bad considering these are VERY intelligent students who aren't making it out.

    So far this semester I know of at least 2 students who quit because of panic attacks, attacks by one particular member of the faculty, etc. These were hard working honor students.

    BUT let me just say this. 90% of the current faculty are absolutely fantastic. They are there for you to answer any questions, they offer study guides, lectures are recorded and posted on WebCT for review later on, there are chat reviews, and test previews. But it's the few bad apples that do some of the students in. Once they lock in on you, you better cover your butt cause they'll make it hard on you.

    Maybe the whole program won't be as bad as this semester. Last semester was rough, but not unbearable. Now it's just a little shady. Ok ALOT. I think it's very possible to pass. You just need to figure out the game strategy. Personally, I just lay low, try not to make anyone mad, do my thing, and pray I make it out alive. But if you ask me I don't think it should be this way.

    With all that said, I say go for it. If you can handle GPC you can handle ANYTHING. Just try not to let them make you bitter. I have to keep reminding myself of that.
  4. by   bjeda
    I'll begin the nursing program at GPC fall 08. It's nice to hear something positive about the program. I'll be on the Clarkston campus. I'll be sure to take your advice.... lay low and work hard.