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NOW, how many of you admit that your GPA really does matter. Even if it just to you. Myself. I am guilty. I did not apply myself in HS in 89' and I was at the bottom of the barrel, which was my... Read More

  1. by   lmmpcrvac
    GPA has been very important to me but as with most things I try to keep it in a meaningful perspective. I am entering nursing school this September as a VERY LATE career change (turning 54), having had to close my business last year (not by choice) and essentially begin a new life (professionally and financially) from scratch. Returning to school this late in life and being the oldest student in the class (by a long stretch) provided a certain degree of angst. I worked through all of the available pre/co-requisites (A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology, Nutrition and Sociology) while dealing with the fallout of closing the business and trying to earn an interim income. Having maintained a 4.0 has allowed me to feel good about myself during a difficult time of self-doubt.
    At a more realistic level GPA provides a reasonable yardstick for each of us to evaluate our study habits and our ability to comprehend the information being presented. On the other hand a great GPA does not mean that one will become a competent and successful RN. I've known brilliant people who could learn facts by rote but lacked the ability to formulate a logical course of action based on those facts. Intelligent people that completely lacked any sense of compassion or empathy for their fellow man.
    Becoming a competent and effective health professional requires a blending of many personality traits/characteristics. The achievement of an adequate GPA merely means that we have the academic ability to understand the facts required for a firm foundation. How we refine and utilize that foundation will determine how effective we will be as RN's.
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    Originally posted by RN2B052004
    I think your GPA will increase in importance as you get into the nursing program. The reason is I was the same way when I first started college I wasnt too interested in GE courses. However when I got into my major of nursing I absolutely loved every class. So I was determined to do good. When something is more important to you then you tend to strive harder.
    Not sure if you were responding to my post. Just a little background if you were (if not sorry!)...I am really old (wink)and have been through both the LPN and RN progam and been a nurse for 20 years which is exactly why I know now that GPA doesn't matter in the long run unless you plan on going to an Ivy league school for your masters perhaps! feels good to have acheived the high GPA, so in that regard I suppose it is well worth it.