good news...bad news

  1. okay for the good news. I got my acceptance letter today for my CNA program. This is really good news as the college I am going to be attending won't even think of letting you in their nursing program unless you have your CNA (they don't tell you this though, the only reason I know is that I have a friend who works at the university)

    Now for the bad news. The CNA class that I was assigned to meets from 8am to 12:15pm and its in a town thats 30-40mins away. The thing is that I work from 5pm to 1am for the postal service. How am I supposed to work until 1 (or later if they decide to keep us late) and then get up in time to make it to this class?? there is another class thats offered from 11:15 to 3:30 that I had applied for originally (not sure why I wasn't put in this one) but then I would pretty much have to go straight from class to work as it is a good distance away!

    what do I do??? I could alter my work schedule, change my hours or work fewer hours, but I had really planned on working full-time all summer long and then cutting back in the fall...

    for those of you that have been through a CNA training course, is there any homework involved? or is it mostly stuff you learn in class. because if there is homework I have to consider that as well in planning my time. The class starts in July and lasts for a month, but I have to return my acceptance form by the end of the month due to the number of applicants...
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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    It's been quite a while since CNA school, but yes, I do remember having homework, having to do a group project, and having to study for tests and practicals. Every program is different, but you should allow for study time.

    Since the class is only for a month, could you arrange to get off early from work for that period of time, then make it up with overtime later?

    Hope you find a way to work it out. It does help to have your CNA certificate before beginning the nursing program.
  4. by   MPHkatie
    Was sort of a blah experience. I worked graveyard and often went to class sleepy. However, I learned the stuff and got 100% on the state exam, so I don't think you'll have it too hard. What I would suggest, however, is that you call the school and request a schedule change for the reasons you mention above. Sometimes they just slip up. You will have some study time during the day after class and on weekends. Good Luck!
  5. by   angelac1978
    if I wanted to I could "refuse" the class assignment that they have me in now, and ask that they hold a spot in the later class. If I do this, though, the director said she couldn't guarantee that I would get in the later class due to the number of applicants. So if I refused the early class and didn't get into the later class, I would basically be SOL, and not get in either class.

    I have talked it over with hubby and he agrees that if nursing is what I want to do, then I need to cut back my hours at work and take the early class. I currently work 40hrs and I am going to try cutting back to 30hrs a week and see if that helps. Thanks you guys.