Going crazy waiting for my grade!!

  1. I wrote my biology final on Friday and I am driving myself nuts waiting for the grade! I am constantly checking online for the grade, and when its not there, I am thinking the worst.
    See, if you fail the exam, they send you back your course journal and you have to arrange to re-write it. So, naturally, i'm wondering if there is no grade yet because I failed! I mean how long does it take to grade 1 exam??
    Sigh. I hate the waiting game!
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  3. by   mauser
    I know how you feel. In our A&P I class, we have lecture on Monday and Lab on Friday - same instructor, same classmates. If we take a lab test on a Friday, he will make us wait until the following Friday for the results. Same with Monday lecture. He told us it takes him a while to correct all the tests.

    Some of us more considerate students, suggested he give multiple choice questions so it would be easier on him to grade. He didn't buy it!!!

    Example of one of his questions: "What is an ionic bond? A covalent bond?"
    He then gave us a sample answer the first day of class. It was a full page long. It took me 5 pages front and back for his first test - 40 points.

    My first semester, my chem teacher allowed us to copy our answers after taking the test (multiple choice ex: 1-A, 2-C, etc) and leave class to a pre-determined area to check results. We knew our grade before we left for the next class!

    HANG IN THERE! Could be great news...
  4. by   manna
    I suppose this is one of the benefits of taking an online class - most of my exams are multiple choice, so I get the grade automatically after I submit the completed test!