Getting ORganized?

  1. What strategies has everyone used to organize syllabi etc for nursing classes? three ring binders and dividers or?????
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  3. by   SchoolRN,BSN
    I started getting stuff organized last night. We start the 21st & I think I'm pretty much ready to go.

    We were required to buy a 4" binder, so I got that & printed out my syllabi...all 189 pages! No wonder we needed the big mama!

    I have all my books except one and I am waiting on it to be delivered. For notes & drug cards, I bought some of the little rings to keep them together. I am going to put some hooks on the wall beside my desk to keep them handy. I also found a nifty little mini binder that holds 3x5 cards & I've been hole punching those.

    I can't wait to get started, but I'm certainly not looking forward to all the homework

    Good luck to everyone,
  4. by   Agnes Anne
    I like three ring binders with clear plastic pocket dividers. I found slipping the class schedule into the cover so I can see it from the outside helps too.

    I like the pockets for extra stuff and like plastic for all my sticky notes. I use big and small sticky notes for extra thoughts or flash card type things. I put them in my notes, in my books etc. Then as we get close to exam time I post them all over my house! After the exam I stick them to the plastic pockets until I'm getting close to finals... and stick them all over again!

    I guess I just love multi colored office products!
  5. by   maliat
    I got 3 new 3 & 2 inch binders. Most stuff I already have - like a small stapler and a portable 3 hole puncher. My favorite new office thing I got for this semester is extra pocket things to put in your binder. What I am looking for is either blank (no-line) composition books or an art book type thing with newspaper (instead of the usualy nice paper). I'm trying out mind-mapping and I think I need to have just one notebook, so I don't add more papers to my mess. Ooh. And I just remembered I wanted to get those plastic tabs you can put in your book.

  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    Concept mapping is a great way to visuaize "the big picture." I picked up three 3 ring binders. (3" size.) I organized my syllabi by class and day of week that the class meets. Slipped copies of the class schedule on the front. I bought a single 5 subject notebook/organizer for notetaking.

    What else is helpful?
  7. by   Ginny516
    I'm just getting ready to start my first semester of actual nursing courses!! Last semester, with all the pre reqs, I found one of those expandable filing folders with about 7-12 pockets to be helpful. For every class you have, make a little label. Then in class, whenever you get handouts etc., stick them in the appropriate folder right away. You'll always know where all your papers are!
  8. by   RNinJune2007
    I use a simple (3") 3 ring binder, with dividers. In the front, I have enough clear page protectors for each page of my syllabus, and keep it there (because you end up flipping through it so often, the pages tend to tear if you leave them on the three ring alone). I also leave a few extra page protectors for other important papers that I know I'll get throughout the semester.

    I also keep one of those three-ring binder hole punchers, which is super handy when you get random outlines that you grow a stash of (without holes) and instead of saving it until you get a chance to punch holes in it, you can put it right in the correct place.

    In my binder, I separate the notes by units. (by test content)
    The first test goes behind the first divider, etc.

    Good luck! Develop a "system" that works for you!
  9. by   RNinJune2007
    OH, BY the way, I am with the CLEAR BINDER mindset too! Having my schedule on the outside is so helpful! On one side, I put my class schedule, in the other side, I put clinical schedule.

    As the semester goes by, I mark off each week (and each clinical) that is completed, so I can visually see the progress! It might sound stupid, but it really is "rewarding" to see how fast the semester is progressing.
  10. by   nursemama2be
    I am soo not ready... school doesn't start til sept 7th.. but i haven't even started getting ready...

    altho i just did my tb test and set up my appt for my mask fit testing.. so im sorta on my way...
  11. by   HM2VikingRN
    Our syllabi include the handouts so we end up with hundreds of pages to file.
  12. by   FNPhopeful
    What is mind or concept mapping???????
  13. by   HM2VikingRN
    Look up Tony Buzan for an introduction to Mind Mapping. I can' really describe it without visuals.
  14. by   hlfpnt
    I found keeping my notes in order by date & subject in a large 3 ring binder with tabs to be helpful. I kept a calendar color coded with assignment due dates, exams, & clinicals so I knew what was coming up at a glance. Keeping a routine study time in a familiar place is also very helpful.