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Has anyone did great on their prereq's and then had to be put on a waiting list to get into the nursing program? What is the likelihood of this happening to someone who does good on the prereq's?... Read More

  1. by   Silicone
    I really think admission criteria for a lot of schools
    depends a lot on how many spots are open compared
    to how many people apply for those spots.

    My school has a published set of criteria and utilizes
    a point system. You get a certain number of points for:
    - Each pre-req completed with a grade of C or better.
    - Cumulative GPA of required Biology and Math classes
    - Overall GPA of all classes taken
    - PSB-Nursing School Aptitude Exam
    You are ranked according to how many points you have.
    (16 is the highest)

    There are a lot more applicants than open spots in
    our program, so the competition is tough. They do
    consider residents of the area who have taken the
    bulk of pre-reqs at the school over non-residents
    when there are space limitations. They do this
    because it's a community college supported by local
    real estate taxes (and business donations - but that's
    another thread).

    PSB-Nursing School Apptitude Exam tests on five
    areas: Spelling, Reading, Natural Sciences, Total
    Academic Aptitude, and Vocational Adjustment.
    I need to find out what that last one is all about before
    I take the exam.