Getting Experience During Nursing School?

  1. I'm in my second semester of nursing school. I quit my job and my spouse has been able to make ends meet with his income alone. We have two very small children who are not yet school aged.

    There is a hospital next to my neighborhood and across the street is a rehab facility and a LTC/memory care center being built. I'm in my 30's, have professional experience in a non-medical field. My concern is I do not have significant medical experience and my area cranks out new grads a dime a dozen. I want to be more competitive.

    I'm considering testing for CNA certification over the summer and applying for positions in some of the above mentioned facilities to get experience during my last year of school. My question I suppose, is this a good idea? My husband is solely supporting us so I can concentrate on nursing school. I quit a well paying job to focus on nursing school and as of now am doing well. I'm somewhat torn between getting that experience or just continuing to focus on school and hoping for the best upon graduating.

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  3. by   FutureNurseErica
    Hmmmmm, this is a tough choice to make. The experience would be great, but if I had the option of not working, I'd take it in a heartbeat. Trying to balance family, work and school can be overwhelming, but if you are good with time management, it is definitely doable. I would go ahead and test for the CNA whether you decide to work or not because you never know when you might change your mind. If you are off during the summer, then I'd say go for it. Only you can truly determine what you can handle, so try to schedule your hours with as few shifts as possible, if possible. Listen to your mind and your body very carefully, they will tell you when they are overwhelmed.
  4. by   MiladyMalarkey
    Thanks. I think I will take your advice & get my CNA anyway. I'll wait until semester end to start looking for jobs. I'll still be taking online classes over summer so it may help me to determine if this will be something I can keep up with come fall.