Getting a Masters of Nursing w/o BA in Nursing - page 2

Hello! I am planning on applying to the University of Texas's Alternate Entry to a Masters of Nursing program. With this program, you can get a masters without having a BA in nursing, as long as you... Read More

  1. by   dannibee
    I have a BS in Health Science and in May I will have my ADN. I plan to do the MSN program through the University of Phoenix after I get the 1 year of required experience. Because I already have a bachelor's degree, I just need to complete 3 bridge courses and then I'll be able to jump into the courses necessary for the Master's portion. The good thing about this is that the classes are online which will help me out because I have 2 little ones at home.

    My cousin also has a BS in Health Science and is currently doing the entry-level MSN program at the University of San Francisco. She is entering her 3rd semsester (of 6) and so far she seems to be having a good experience.