Getting a job as a nurses aide while in nursing school- help!

  1. Hi all,

    This is a little long so bear with me:

    I started taking pre-reqs for nursing school over the summer and into the Fall of 2012. In one of my classes I met a woman who worked at a hospital near my house. I tutored her in chemistry and after talking to her about how I was looking for a job, she told me about an opening position for a nurses aide at the hospital she works at. She said I should apply and that she would give the nursing recruiter at the hospital my name and that she would recommend me.

    Sooo....I applied for the job in late September and contacted the hospitals nurse recruiter after trying to get in touch with her for at least 2-3 weeks. When she finally did respond she told me I would be unable to do the 2 week orientation for the position since my Fall schedule was all over the place, since orientation is 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. The nurse recruiter told me I can apply again in the Spring so that I can organize my schedule to leave days open for the 2 week orientation.

    Fast forward to now (Spring 2012 semester): I am only taking evening classes so my days are all free. In mid January I got a call from the nurse recruiter who wanted to set up an interview with me! I was so excited and went in to interview with her. I thought it went very well. She told me the next step would be the reference check: I would have to submit professional references to a web page where I put in my references e-mails, then they would be sent a reference survey which they had to complete about me. Once at least 4 were completed, the nurse recruiter said as long as the references were all positive that she would set me up with a second interview with the nursing recruiter. I know all my professional references that I listed would give great reviews. She said once at least 4 references were completed that she would automatically get an e-mail confirming the references were complete, and that if I noticed at least 4 were complete I could call her and let her know to speed things up.

    It has been two weeks already. I called the nurse recruiter twice and left two messages to let her know that I have at least 4 completed references (actually 5 now). She is very hard to get in touch with to begin with, but I am so worried I didn't get this job. Orientation starts on February 18th or 19th I believe. I don't want to sound desperate for this job and I sure don't want to keep calling and harassing her about it. Two messages in two weeks should be more than enough.

    Do you think I still have time to hear back from her? Or is it too late and basically she gave me a "thanks but no thanks" by not getting back to me?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Can you go to the hospital and stop by her office? Dress nice, no bling, nice skirt and jacket, no sandals.

    If she's in a meeting, ask if you can wait. That will demonstrate that you are really interested; her secretary might also have a list of people who will be in the class and your name might be on it. Good luck!
  4. by   Nursing2102
    Thanks for the response, I actually got a call back from her the day after I posted this question! I have my second interview later on today. Wish me luck