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  1. Hello - anybody starting or currently enrolled/graduated from a direct entry MSN program? More specifically, a program where you receive your MSN, but no specialty? I'm curious how you all are liking it and the break-down of the program. Going back to a general MSN and happy I don't have to pick a specialty now, I have no idea what I'd want to do, considering I have very litttle clinical experience.

    Thanks and looking forward to responses : )
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  3. by   TopCat1234
    braun, i was interested in what school to which you are going that does not ask for you to pick a speciality? the direct entry msn programs that i am looking at ask for a choice and so far, i am choosing the leadership/managment tracks, as i'll have a bs in business.

    thanks and sorry for not responding sooner - i've been in vacation for 2 weeks.

  4. by   ChrisA
    I asked this over in the Massachusetts forum, but didn't get a reply.

    Mom really wants me to move back to Boston, of course, so I'm looking at direct entry Masters programs at Boston College and at Northeastern. Anyone want to weigh in on these two? I don't think there are any other options in Boston, are there?
  5. by   mel32184
    Hi Everybody,

    I just joined this site and I will be applying for direct entry nursing programs for next year at MGH Institute of Health Professionals, Northeastern, and Salem State College. I'm afraid that my undergrad gpa is not quite up to par(it's at a 2.84, where the minimum gpa is a 3.0), but my gre score is average(1120 total, but with a verbal of 490). Also, I just completed Anatomy last semester with an A and I am determined to do well on the rest of my pre-reqs that I will be taking in the fall. I have a BA in psychology with a minor in chemistry. I also recently became licensed as a CNA and I am currently looking for jobs in this field. I keep reading that these programs are very selective, but I was wondering if anybody who has been in these programs could give me some insight on the admissions process and what to look for in an overall program. So far, I'm impressed by MGH's program.

    Thanks to anybody that replies!