1. Hi all! New here! Just browsing the discussions & thought this would be a good one to join!

    I have a question for anyone who can help me!
    I am a first semester nursing student & in our clinicals, we have post conferences in which we each get a topic & have to be the facilitator for that topic. Most of the time, we just play games centered around the topic. Well, my topic is the Cardiovascular system & I haven't been able to come up with a good game to play around that or any kind of a puzzle & wondered if anyone had any ideas I could use?! I would appreciate any ideas or if anyone knows of any good websites I could look at to get some. BTW, I already tried, but didn't see anything for Cardiovascular. Thanks for you help!!
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    Welcome to the board.
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    Welcome to the board

    You could make it a pun contest but that might be labouring in vein!
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    Being serious here - how much time you got before you need to do this? If it is more than a day or two Email me or PM me and I will give yoou more info.