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hi guys, i live in honolulu and i just started my pre-req's for nursing and i was very concerned for my GPA. well after calculating what i might get for my pre-req i will average a 3.25 GPA. i heard... Read More

  1. by   apexsw20trd
    Quote from belladelicious
    3.25 is a low GPA to you? That's an awesome GPA. I guess maybe your choices are limited b/c of where you live? Otherwise, you'd have a really good shot at getting in nursing school.

    I think it usually averages about 3.0.
    Where I go, you have to have a 2.0..which is really rare and unusual, but lucky for me last year.
    Where I live...the application says you must have a 2.5, but in reality, the average person has a 3.0...so those under 3.0 will be put on a waiting list.
    thank you for saying that my GPA is a good one. but when i ask my other fellow students , they tell me they have anywhere form 3.5-4.0 GPA and his baffles me because most of the people i ask are parents who have 2 kids, work full time and have time to go to school at night and study hard for exams. i also work full time as an assistant controller 50plus hours per week and go to night school and it is very hard for me.

    i do hope i can get in the cheaper community college school of nursing.
  2. by   rnmi2004
    At my school, there is a min GPA required before you can apply (once prereq's are done, of course) but a higher GPA won't move you up on the waiting list. Hang in there & keep trying.
  3. by   apexsw20trd
    well at my school there is no waiting list.

    they go mainly on highest GPA and highest NLN scores.