fundamentals of nursing

  1. why is this class or let me say this nursing program so stressful i just fill like giving up iworked so hard to get to this program and nothing is working for me i brought books i study and no barriers are being broken i just fill as though i just failed the course cause there are no good results on anything in this program for me i just fill they are just cramming everything into a two year program i just cant take it and if i dont pass this next exam im going to withdraw can someone please give me some advice on what to do to make this better my brain is about to burst!!!
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  3. by   allycat77
    first, hugs to you! i think you should check out the nursing student assistance forum. there are a lot of seasoned students, nurses, even instructors who might be able to help you out, and give you some good study ideas and resources. good luck!
  4. by   Red35
    First off-breathe.......

    So what is the problem? Are you not doing well on the tests? The first thing I recommend is DO NOT CRAM-study everyday.

    The second thing is to buy a supplemental book-I bought Fundamental Success-I went through each section ( I belive it has 3 chapters to each section-I don't have it in front of me, I let someone from school borrow it). And answer each question, if you get it wrong it tells you the rationale-so for each question I would get wrong-I would study it again....I wouldn't go on to the next question until I learned it.

    I "teach" each section to someone-my dog, my cat, the wall....if you can teach it you know it.

    Nursing classes are not just memorization, it's about understanding why nurses are doing what they do...

    Also keep in mind-patient safety is a priority

    PS I have an 88% in Fundamentals-I am by no means the smartest human being-I'm average at best..but I understand NCLEX type questions because of studying and understanding the information-plus I probably over study