Frustrations with Clinical - page 2

I've just finished my second day of my first year, first semester clinical - i.e. the first clinical ever for first years. Frustratingly, I've done this clinical once before (same time last year,... Read More

  1. by   rubystar
    That first clinical rotation can be pretty frustrating when you are a carer already.

    I suppose the best thing that you can do is cover your backside, I'm sure you've had lots of paperwork to write about your experiences, make sure you write about these things in a professional way stating what you actually did and about has been said about you. Make a point to speak to your supervisor and tell her that these things are being said about your performance and say these things didn't actually happen and rather than argue about whether other nurses are lying because that goes down very badly, ask her to spend some time with you watching to work to prove that you are capable.

    I had one or two nurses that nearly cost me my prac over things I thought were complete rubbish and my clinical supervisor pointed this out to me very late in the picture, I had 2 days to prove myself or fail. Excellent documentation and being able to work with nurses that I hadn't worked with before made all the difference and between those two things I got to pass with a reasonably good report.

    I'm sure that between having good documentation and speaking to your supervisor and in some way getting the chance to prove yourself as a skilled person you can make it through. Its just all about approach.