Frustrated with Maternity Staff!

  1. I have a question for any maternity nurses out there--or for that matter any working nurses out there!

    I just finished my Maternity rotation. And I was excited about going because of how different it would be, and the whole baby thing, etc.

    Now? I would NEVER work in the Maternity Center in this hospital!!

    Why? Because of the RNs. They literally told us we would not do anything while there. They said things like, "I don't want students following me. They don't know anything," and "What can you do? You can sit at that table and not get in the way," or upon seeing us eneter the unit in the am, "Oh, Sh..! We have students again today don't we." Some of the RNs just ignored us and wouldn't let us do any care on our patients. Our clinical instructor is part of the staff there and only teaches during this rotation. She was NOT willing to hear our problems or help--we tried!

    Why are these nurses like this?! :angryfire They even told patients that they (the RN) wouldn't let a student care for them cause students don't know anything about nursing. And that was said with the student in the room!!!

    ALL RNs were once students!! RIGHT??? So why are they so rotten to us?? We really wanted to learn from them!!!! We had to wrok hard to keep our attitueds good, but man it was hard not to slap some of them!!!

    Any suggestions???
    Thanks for allowing me to vent!!
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