Freaking Out...

  1. Ok maybe more excited but my stomach sure is turning. I have my first Nursing class tomorrow from 7am - 12pm:uhoh21: ... Its a clinical but I know that its going to be introduction, orientation and all that jazz... but it is still like "WOW"! I can honestly say that I am freaking out and I may be a little scared but if you knew me I would never admit it... well I am rambling on with nervous and excited nonsense... I have to hit the hay... see ya later (love this site) and wish me luck...:spin:
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  3. by   manofbess
    My first day was last week and it feels like it was so long ago because we've been speeding through lab, lecture, and clinical (today was my first day of that--and it wasn't really that bad). Now I can see why people say nursing school comes and goes so quickly...IMO, the morning part of the clinical day goes by so much faster than the afternoon part, so your day will probably end before you know it. But you better get some shut eye--it's starting to get late...wait, I'm the one on the East Coast, lol...good luck!
  4. by   Kemccanha
    Good Luck to you! Let us know how it went! I remember my first day very clearly! You'll do just fine!
  5. by   BeccaznRN
    Congratulations and welcome to all of you new, nervous/excited nursing students! I wish you all the best and not to worry - soon you'll be so darn busy that you'll barely have time to even be nervous.
  6. by   cjudesaenz
    My First day of class was so cool... I met most of the instructors and they seem pretty neat, and seem like I can go to them when I have a question... I know its going to be tough but Im going to have fun... going to start out on the right foot... The only thing that seems like it will be difficult are the papers that i have to write... One. I hate writting papers... Two. I have never written in APA style only MLA... but I'll suck it up... thanks all for the words of encouragment and heres to a great semester.