Foreign recruitment-thoughts?

  1. Forgive me if this has been discussed before. I am not sure how to search for past topics. I am interested in hearing how nurses feel re: foreign recruitment of nurses to deal with the nursing shortage?
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  3. by   hotlooks
    Over here in england we have many philiphine nurses, when it was first established that we would be having them recruited at my local hospital, there was a lot of hostility from all walks of the profession, (forgive me not actually directed to the nurses)we actually have around 5oo now and i can honestly say they are a pleasure to work with, some people talk and say they have not got the caring attitude, but then that can be said about all of us.Give other less fortunate than ourselves a chance, after all we are all in this profession for the same thing(caring)
  4. by   ageless
    Give other less fortunate than ourselves a chance
    I don't get it? Please explain further.
  5. by   hotlooks
    What i mean is over here in england we do not have to pay for our nurse training we get a bursary. In the philipines they have to pay for their nurse training they do not get any pay for four years. then when they qualify,the wages are not much thats if they even get a job.
  6. by   nightingale
    "The Nursing Shortage" is due to the fact that many nurses are unwilling to work in unsafe, unrewarding environments where compensation is minimal.

    Recruiting nurses from foreign lands only delays appropriate treatment to retain nurses here.


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  7. by   ageless
    bursary....would that be similar a grant or scholarship program?

    So the nurses from the philipines become a type of indentured servant to the UK for four years?

    please explain further, this is interesting?
  8. by   hotlooks
    The bursary is a maximum of 5ooo a year, how much yours work out i do not know> we have loans that degree students undertake but have to pay back.with the bursary you do not.And to confuse you even more.if you are a employee of the NHS working as a health care worker, you can get seconded from the trust to do your training and still take home the same pay that you earn as a health care worker.

    as for the other question initally they are here for two years with the option to stop which a lot from the first cohorts have, they have bought their families over to settle.The pay stucture is the same for any RN which varies from a D GRADE TO AN E GRADE and so on.