Foreign nursing students in the US

  1. Hi you all,
    I am in an ADN program in Arkansas, and would like to know how many foreign student are out there in nursing programs, and in what state.
    Thanks for takins the rime to answer.
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  3. by   vitalia
    i am a foreign nursing student in Massachusett, and i have to share with you as a foreigner, i am having a hard time at the school that i am at, my gpa right now is 3.49 but the way foreigners get treated at that school is sad... i hope you are not having the same problem that we have
  4. by   SERENAde
    Hey ,
    i am a foreign student in NYC. Originally from Canada....
  5. by   hrjang
    Nice to meet you!
    I have a question to you.
    What program are you in?

    I live in Cabot, Arkansas.
    I'm from South Korea.

    I've been here for 2 years.

    My plan was to finish the Associate of Science in Health Sciences degree at ASU-Beebe and to transfer to BSN program.

    I finished about 55 hours.

    I tried to go to Harding University at Searcy, but it is expensive and requires too much bible classes.

    I need nursing school information.
    I may need to wait one year more.

    Can you introduce your program?
    And other information about nursing program in Arkansas?

    The list:

    Thanks a lot!!!