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  1. I notice in the news a lot of Hospitals are hiring Nurses from lots of different foreign countries is anyone working with these foreingers? what are the negatives and positives of working with a Nurse a foriegn country. do they communicate well.. etc?
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  3. by   Agnus
    Hi Sandy,
    Moving this post to general nursing discussion will get you more responses.
    Generally speaking students are not in a position to reply to a post like this. That is usually they have neither the kind of information nor experience you ask for.
    I have worked with foreign born nurses. In some cases they are US trained in some cases not. I see no particular good nor bad side to working with them. They are like any other nurse. The only thing is occasionally having to deal with an accent. This is usually more a problem for the patient than the staff. There are good and bad from everywhere. To paractice here they must meet our training and competency requirements. So this is not a draw back.
    Often they are a gift as they relate to and speak the language of a non native patient. In these cases they are good at explaining cultural diffrences to the rest of the staff.
  4. by   fergus51
    Foreign trained nurses are especially useful in helping you deal with your foreign born patients! I have had patients from other countries who spoke other languages and having someone around to give you info on the culture or to translate is invaluable!