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I will be going back to school starting in the summer after a 7-year lay off... Over the summer I have to take 2 courses which are either: CHEM 1 and 11 or A&P 1 and 11... I know either is... Read More

  1. by   hanginginthere

    I agree, take chemistry first. I am currently in A&P I. The second chapter in the book is about chemistry. In my case my teacher didn't emphasize on ch2 because she said we already know those stuff.On my first test, there was a lot of chemistry questions. Fortunately for me I had background from my chemistry class. My friend was complaining about the chem questions since the teacher didn't stress on them. Unfortunately for her she took chem since high school and forgot everything.
    So A&P just summarize chem for you because they assume you already know the basic. Good luck and I'm sure you will do just fine.