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Hi all, There is a girl in my class who is really bothering me. Most of our preceptors are male and this girl is trying to ingratiate herself to them by acting all flirtatious. None of the... Read More

  1. by   shoegalRN
    As a current nursing student coming from the corporate world, I've seen this type of behavior constantly. Instead of the flirting, it's the brown-nosing, the snitching, the moral police, etc. These types never last. My motto at work was to cover my assets and to stay under the radar to avoid being on any hit lists. And that's the same attitude I have in nursing school.

    You can't worry about other people's behavior, just make sure you are the best student you can be. Also, in total agreement with the other posts, you have to evaluate yourself and ask yourself why are YOU so mad or upset at what SOMEONE else is doing? I've done this several times myself and then decide I don't want to make myself look silly by looking so petty, so I'll divert my energy elsewhere. That's what you will have to do.