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  1. Hello...

    i am starting the RN program in January, and I was just curious as to how everyone elses first semester was layed out.. I know each school is different, so I am just curious....

    I knew of one RN program that you had already completed your check-offs in Male/Female Cath, Inserting/Cleaning Trach tubes, etc... by the 2nd month... and I know the program I am starting is a lil different...

    Just curious.
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  3. by   Katnip
    nurs2b, I'm in my first semester of a BSN program. I'll try to give you what I hope will be a quick rundown so as not to bore you.

    Pharmacology we've covered respiratory drugs and a lot of antis-dysrrythmics, biotics, lipidemics, etc.

    Pathophysiology-cardiac, endocrine, respiratory and such, we're starting genetics and neoplasms now

    Community Health-statictical analysis and family/community assessment

    Fundamentals we've covered theory on pain, drugs, spirituality, oxygenation, immobility, sleep nursing process and roles. In lab we've been validated in wound care, comfort basics like bathing and grooming, transfers, cultures, urine collection and testing, blood glucose, I&O, ambulation, body mechanics, drug aministration including injections and changing IVs (next semester we start IVs). We are now working on validation for male/female catheters, trach care, suctioning and NG tubes.

    Health Assessment-we've covered performing exams on head/neck, throat, ears, eyes, skin/hair/nails, cardio and respiratory systems and are now finishing up on musculoskeletal, neuro, and uro-genital exams.

    Whew. looking at that I now realize how far we've come. No wonder I feel so tired! That's most of what we've done so far.

    Anyway, that's a sample of what we do in first semester. I have adult health next semester, which even our instructors are telling us is the most difficult undergrad course. Lovely.

    Good luck on starting next semester. It might sound like an awful lot, but it's really a lot of fun.