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  1. Well it has been awhile since I have been here. I was suppose to be starting nursing school last semester but due to financial aid not coming through I was able to but I was accepted again in the ADN program again and start in Jan. I went to the first nursing orientation this morning. We took the NET test which isn't required for the program but it tells them what level we are on. As far as academics they said I did really well but when it came to my stress levels it is too high and they said during the first 2 weeks of class I need to contact the nurse counselor who is at school and talk with him about the stress I go through. HOw stressful is nursing school? I have heard it is pretty high and they said if you already have stress coming into the program then they want us to seek help. I have never heard of this before. I just thought stress was normal. lol For background on me, I am almost 25 years old and married and have 2 kids and I don't work. I stay at home with the kids. Right now my husband is giving me trouble about school with the cost of it and he wants to get a second car even though I think since 1996 we have had one car and I think we can survive with one car for another 2 years. I am nervous about starting nursing school with all the hours I will be away from my kids which I am not looking forward to at all but I am looking forward to going to nursing school and getting my degree. Also my husband is trying to get into the military but that is another story. ANyways just wanted to talk about orientation and hope to get to know all of you since I plan on coming back here again since, hopefully, I will be going into the nursing program.
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Jenn, congratulations on being accepted to RN school for next semester. I will not have my orientation until Dec. 12 and until that time I am not aware of what will happen. The ones who have already started and who have had orientation already will be able to tell you about theirs.

    Again, congratulations and keep your eyes on your dream, with God's help you are sure to make it!
  4. by   lalajenn
    Thank you!! Without God, I wouldn't be able to do a lot of stuff!!! He has gotten me through a lot of stuff. Good luck to you too!