First Job Decisions~ To be an OB or not to be...

  1. Hello!

    I am going to graduate in May from a diploma program. After HR spoke with our class recently I have alot of questions about where/what I want my first job to be. My plan when I started school was to become certified nurse midwife and I was thinking it would be advantageous to work in OB for awhile just to gain insight and experience. Now, I am reluctant to pursue this after realizing 1) the amount of schooling involved (I'm burnt!) 2) the amount of dedication required(I have 2 children, one with special needs and a husband that works 2 weeks away from home) Im just not sure if that would be the right path for me. So, my question(s) is/are:
    • What do folks think about jumping into a specialty like OB right away, vs doing med-surg for a year or two?( there is an opening at the hospital where I go to school and they are willing to accept new grads)
    • Is anyone familiar with working with midwives in the hospital setting, and if so could you shed some light on your experience?
    • If there are any midwives out there reading this could you offer any advice to someone in my situation?
    Also, I was thinking of shadowing one of the CNM's in my area...thoughts?

    Thanks everyone! And to those who are graduating in May...We're almost there!!
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