First clinical for me today! (debrief)

  1. I finally got my first clinical day today, and it was sure interesting. We shadowed a CNA and reviewed charts. We chose one patient to do a focused assesment on and bathed/fed. I got to change a wound dressing *all by myself* (well with instructor cueing me) and assist with a male straight cath. My focus patient was a 34 year old female with a broken femur bone due to metastic breast sad, it will probably take a miracle at this point for her to survive. She was so sweet and just the perfect patient. It was really a great day! It was so interesting reviewing the patient's chart and seeing how all the pathological pieces of the puzzle fit together.

    Just had to share with someone.

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  3. by   Altra
    Sounds like a great first day! Hang on to that feeling on days when things aren't going so well.

    Off to a great start!