First clinical day

  1. hi everyone, had my first clinical day if you can call it that. We dont actually go to the hospital for 4 weeks, we learn basic skills in the skills lab to get us started. This was however still an 8 hour day.

    My school has the biggest program in California so the class is broken up into smaller groups of 12 for clinical. We basically learned everything you learn as a CNA (if ya were one) in one day. We rotated different stations in the lab and at each station an instructor would demonstrate a skill, we ask questions, and practice a little (a little) and then move on to the next station. We got demos of a bed bath, range of motion, patient transfers, moving patients up in bed, putting patients on bedpan, making beds, making occupied beds, and isolation technique.
    It was fast paced to say the least, nothing was rocket science but it was like woah they pack all this into one day what are we doing next week?
    We actually will do everything this first semester, (the basics) from suctioning to administering meds to IVs and wound care.

    This semester I (think) we learn the overall basics and common procedures and then in semesters after when we go to maternity and peds or med-surg we will expand upon those things. Ya know Im sure IV procedure is slightly different for a baby and so on.
    I was kinda bored........bed making? not so interesting. But they did make a point to say we realize these are things you will end up delegating to aides but you still have to know how to do them.

    We got a skill check off on a couple things: handwashing and isolation technique. I must say I am proud to have passed hand washing!!
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  3. by   truern
    And to think I made several beds myself just this week

    Glad your day went's to many more happy clinical days!
  4. by   nursemommyof3
    All these things are important. Your aide may be busy and you may have to do a bed, or assist with one. Place that do primary care, the RN does it all.
  5. by   shellsgogreen
    hi, glad your first clinical day went well - my experience with the nurse aides has always been a good one, and here's why; i learned very early on that they know our patients pretty darn well, and they have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves - we learn from them also, just as we learn from the assortment of nurses, doctors and of course the patients ..heh.. you will see this though, once you start in the hospital, you'll love it. so much going on, it's amazing!

    i love hearing about first semester stories; reminds me of how excited i was on the beginning of this journey at all the new things....