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Anyone else not sure if they want to back the 2nd semester?? I worked so hard for 4 months. No life.. just school and studying. My little girl (11 yrs) felt like she never spent time with me. And... Read More

  1. by   MySimplePlan
    I really hope that you find the answers you are looking for this holiday season. I wish you the best.

    Wow, Desert Rain, what an ending. You have a beautiful way with words. Your two posts were really, really well-written.
  2. by   barbaratruth
    Hang in there, one day at a time.

    I just finished my third semester and I felt like quitting every other day. Those were my feelings and my rational mind talked me out of it because I had so much invested. I wound up with one of the highest grades in the program. I'm starting to get excited about finishing the program.

    The first semester gives you an idea of what to expect as far as the curriculum. Moving forward, you can plan better. It is a lot of work that requires time management. Just remember the program has a beginning and an end.

    If you really hate the nursing aspect, you may want to rethink school. If it is just about managing the pressure, you can think about techniques to work more efficiently. Time management is really crucial.

    Pray on it.

    Good luck to you.
  3. by   NoviceRN10
    Are you single? Do you have family to help with your daughter or spend time with her when you are busy with classwork? What kind of schedule did you have to contend with during your first semester? I start next month and I'm a little freaked out by posts like this. My first eight weeks I will only be at school on Mondays from 12-4:30 and Fridays from 9-3. That leaves me 5 days a week to study and do assignments. My second eight weeks I am on campus Mondays for 4 hours of lecture again, and then 4 hours for a lab in the middle of the week, and I have a clinical from 7-3 on Fridays. I'm hoping that leaves me plenty of time to do what I need to do, plus care for my family of six. (But what do I know yet ?)

    Are you trying to carry the load of school and work? Is there any way to reprioritize your schedules to better suit your needs and leave you more time with your daughter? Do you have a support system that helps you study? Maybe if you identify some things that you can tweak school won't seem so overwhelming. I wouldn't give up. If you made it through the first semester that's a great accomplishment! I think your daughter will survive, and if you are doing this to be able to support the two of you she will benefit along with you in the future.

    Quote from veronica123
    Anyone else not sure if they want to back the 2nd semester?? I worked so hard for 4 months. No life.. just school and studying. My little girl (11 yrs) felt like she never spent time with me. And the stress... unbelievable stress (a lot of which the instructor brought about). Just don't know if I want to put myself thru that again. And they say the 2nd semester is harder and MORE time consuming.

    I'm ruining my break going back and forth trying to decide. I would hate to throw away the 4 months of hard work. People tell me just to hang in will be worth it. Does everyone here think the same thing.. Will it be worth it?? What if I end up hating nursing and then it was for nothing.

    I want to be a nurse to help others...but I don't want to be a stressed out mess my whole life. I've been out of school for a week....and finally my stomach is getting back to normal and I'm feeling my old self again. Nursing Student Veronica isn't much fun.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

  4. by   lilyteen
    I really can relate to all of the posts within this thread. Many of us are going through the exact same thing. I, too, have just finished the first semester and I'm also debating whether this is all worth it or not. I must be VERY lucky, because to be perfectly honest, I am the exact opposite as the OP when it comes to setting aside study time. I am only a B student, I will readily admit that. However, I have never allowed myself to become so focused on study time that I chose to study over spending time with my little children. I don't know---I just don't think there is anything in life more important than my children and that certainly includes nursing school constraints. I have 3 sons in high school, another in middle school and three little ones in elementary school. I attend f/t during the day while they are in school. I have never had family members to send the kids off to so that I would be able to focus strictly on the task of studying. As a matter of fact, my hubby works 2nd shift so the vast majority of my time to look over the material was primarily on the weekends. But the reason why I say I must be dog-gone lucky is that, despite the fact that I did not have time to memorize large portions of material or to allot significant periods of study time, I am no worse off for it. I passed my courses with a comfortable margin above the minimums...and I placed my time and enjoyment with the kids above any occupation. You only have one life to walk down this road of life only once...please do not allow the pursuit of a nursing career bog you down so much that you must resort to shunning your children in order to devote yourself full-time to the pursuit of a career. If it requires that large a chunk of your day-to-day time, I would wonder if it was for me or not. Just my opinion...but I am able to spend much time with my kids AND pass nursing school. On a final note, I do not see how anyone could be of the mindframe that our kids needs us more as teenagers than at other ages. I have children of all age groups and I can honestly say that our children need us at EVERY stage of development!
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