Financial Aid Woes... - page 2

I have called the FA office a couple of times to find out when checks will be sent out for this semester. They had previously told me that they will be sent out the week before school starts. Great,... Read More

  1. by   Jen2
    Sagelola that is so wonderful that you have parents that can help you. I am very happy for you.

    Manna, how about the people on assistance that fail their classes? That is my personal favorite. Also had an older lady in one of my classes who could no longer get assistance for her children. Guess what she did? Became a foster parent. I commend anyone that wants to be a foster parent that is a very noble and wonderful thing to do, but I actually heard her brag about how much money she got from the state for being a foster parent and that it didn't pay her to work. Again abusing the system.
  2. by   bedpan
    That is great sagelola! - Glad to hear things worked out for you that way

    btw - think your parents would like to adopt an old, bald, male LPN student?
  3. by   sagelola
    LOL!!:roll :roll

    I just lucked out this year with them helping!! They haven't done it before...
  4. by   tmarie75
    i'm glad all is well at the moment. you're lucky to have such a caring family. fa can be maddening!!! unfortunately, i'm going to an expensive private school, so i need as much fa as i can get also. i haven't received my award letter as of yet, but i'm not expecting any miracles. i have some va money left over that will help out for a while, but it won't cover everything. i'm looking into other scholarship opportunities, so hopefully something will work out.