Financial Aid Available for Nursing School

  1. Attention: All Registered Nurses and graduating nursing students

    While the Nurse Reinvestment Act, which addresses funding for nursing school as well as recruitment and retention initiatives, waits for Congress to allocate the $25 million needed to implement this new law, its companion, the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program, is now open. Instructions for applying for this financial assistance are on the ANA website (

    <<Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program Applications

    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is currently accepting applications. The deadline is March 31, 2003.

    The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) offers registered nurses substantial assistance to repay educational loans in exchange for service in eligible facilities located in areas experiencing a shortage of nurses.

    HRSA prefers that applications be submitted online, although they will accepted paper forms. An online application, more information and a listing of shortage areas are available at the website:

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