Finals Day..What a mess!!!!!

  1. we go..wat a mess of a off,the review,which was 2 days,1 of which was a random question session of the cd-rom from the book,2nd day, a review of 3 topics,3 hrs long....we had an outline from the before the test,while every1 was staying after to study,we asked the teacher about the test which she answered that if we stuck to the outline,we would be,guess what,nothing on the test had anything to do with the outline at all!!!shock huh..about 60% of the class felt as if they failed the that as it may,a few of the students went to the dean to complain...seeing that there was about to be a lynching,she dissapeared,along with the teacher..about 20 students tracked down another teacher from a different class...our complains were heard and we have to wait till later this week to get the grades...
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  3. by   nurseunderwater
    keeping my fingers crossed for you.....i hear of this happening so often. let us know the results of your inquiry as well as how you did.
  4. by   mauser
    Prayers sent your way.

    There is a guy in my psych class who had the same A&P 1 teacher last semester that I have now. His best advice to me was: If teacher says we will not be tested on certain material, LEARN IT ANYWAY. He was right - most of the time it was on the test. Live and learn.